Tax Information

Disputing your tax bill:

They will get a notice that says in the upper right hand corner "THIS IS NOT A BILL".  Very misleading.  At the bottom of that notice it will give them the anticipated assessed value and a VERY short time to file a petition to contest it. I don't believe these have been sent out yet.  When they get that notice they must file a petition (I have them and you can get them at the property appraisers office) within that short time frame or waive the right to contest it.  Once the petition is filed on time they schedule a hearing about a month later.  Yes, I have done these many times.  However, I am leaving on vacation Tuesday morning, and will not be back until Sept 12.  If the notice comes in while I am gone the property owner should go to the property appraisers office and they will help file out the form. Then file it as they direct, and bring a copy to my office and I will contact them upon my return

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