Affordable Housing

Available Units: At this time the first building on 73rd St has an estimated completion time of March 2016.  There are 26 units in the first building.  Prior tenants for this development have first right of refusal if they qualify for low income housing.  Once the first building is full then applications will be considered for the 2nd building with 26 units.  That building is projected to be completed in Spring 2016.  The next phase is comprised of two additional buildings which will come online in late 2016 or early 2017.  
Qualifying for low income housing considers many variables: income, number of people in the household, employment verification, rent history, credit, etc.  In order to know if you qualify you need to fill out a complete application and go through the qualification process.
Applying: Fill out the form below.  Units are being filled in the order folks sign up.  Prospective tenants are called as the units become available.

Please come back to this page at anytime to get updates on available rentals for Affordable and Workforce Housing.  You must hit the SUBMIT button at the bottom to record your information.

Affordable Housing Waiting List