Buyer Representation

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Buyer Representation:

Buying a home or investment property involves a large financial and complex transaction.  There is no substitute for experience and knowledge when making these decisions.  In Florida, a listings agent typically represents either the seller, buyer or the transaction.  Buyers need someone on their side to gather information, research historical data, ask the right questions and present information for a buyer to make an informed decision.  When hiring Gidget, she will provide these details or any other information necessary to give a buyer answers to their questions, complete a contract based on necessary disclosures and reviews and follow the transaction to closing.

Note: By default, Florida presumes a real estate licensee is a Transaction Broker state which simply means the agents represent the transaction not the parties.  If a Broker listed the property they cannot represent as a fiduciary both parties to the transaction (some know this as dual agency).  Acting as a Transaction Broker allows the agents to work fairly with both parties.  For more detailed information on Florida Agent Representation visit:  The 2012 Florida Statutes

Buyer Referrals:

Buying in another area?  Locally, National or International?  I can help by referring your to a qualified professional to meet your real estate needs.


Compensation does not dictate Representation.  There is no charge for Buyer Representation with Gidget Jackson based on a co-broke compensation offered through her membership in the Marathon & Lower Keys Association of Realtors from seller's listing property in the Multiple Listing Service.  National and International referrals are paid internally between brokers.