Short Sale Seller Representation

Things to know about a Short Sale

  • Defined:  A Short Sale is simply a sale where the seller owes more than the property is worth and cannot or is not willing to come up with the cash to make up the difference and asks the lender to take a short payoff when the property sells.  Also known as, upside down, under water, pre-foreclosure.

  • The Seller still owns the property not the lender.  The short sale is a contingency to the contract.
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  • Communicate on your behalf with your lender
  • See if I can get you cash at closing
  • Help you sell your property if you cannot keep it
  • Assist you in organizing your paperwork
  • Explain your options so you can make an informed decision
  • Answer your questions
  • Not charge your for my services and no hidden costs
  • You owe more than your property is worth
  • You have difficulty communicating with your lender
  • You want to avoid bankruptcy and it's long term effects
  • You want someone to explain to you the letters you received and what is being offered by your lender
  • You received foreclosure notice and don't know what to expect next
  • You don't want to pay fees or costs for help
  • You need someone to explain your options
  • You want an updated status of your loan in default
  • You don't want to worry about someone knocking on your door telling you to move before you are ready
  • You need someone to understand your situation and help you find the best possible solution to your individual situation
  • You want to find a way to sell your property,  pay nothing or get money to move
  • You want to avoid foreclosure and seek other options better for you
  • You offered your property for sale and it never sold
  • You can no longer afford to stay in your home and need to know your options
  • You are too nervous to call your lender and don't know what questions to ask
  • You have been living in your house not making payments and want to know what options are available for you at this time
  • You want to know if there is a way to keep your home even though you are behind on your payments or in foreclosure
  • You want someone else to communicate with your lender and let you know your options and help you plan what to do next.
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